Nieco® Broiler with Evo® VentCore™

The First Ever Ventless Broiler System!

Nieco and Evo combined technologies to bring you the first-ever ventless automatic broiler!

Middleby is well-known for disrupting the foodservice industry with advanced innovation.  The launch of the Nieco® Broiler with Evo® VentCore™ introduces the first ventless electric automatic broiler.  Now you can place a broiler anywhere!

The Evo VentCore is an electric recirculating ventilation system with an integrally attached Nieco automatic broiler. The system includes a high-velocity ventilation fan that captures and processes cooking vapor through an advanced filtration system before returning clean air back to an occupied space. The filtration system includes a cyclonic separation chamber, three segments of washable metal filters, and one disposable paper filter that’s changed monthly. The VentCore control system provides constant notification of operating conditions that ensure the ventilation system and the Nieco broiler is always functioning optimally. The VentCore duct system is fully welded stainless steel and utilizes a factory-installed Ansul fire suppression system with dry contact fire alarm micro switch and cross-pattern nozzles that provides a continuous zone of fire protection.

Nieco has been designing and building innovative automatic broilers since 1969.  Nieco innovations include labor-saving automatic broiling that cooks twice as fast as other methods, equipment that uses less energy, keeps your kitchen cooler, and reduces emissions, keeping your kitchen cleaner too. 

Whether you’re using an automatic broiler for the first time, or ready to expand your menu offerings, you can count on Nieco for a delicious flame-broiled taste for any restaurant or venue.

  • Fast food, fast casual and casual restaurants (independent, corporate or franchised)
  • Large-format kitchens in stadiums and amusement parks
  • Large-scale catering operations such as grocery store delis, schools, military canteens, hospitals, hotels and airlines
  • Food manufacturing

Nieco Broilers simplify labor needs and increase speed of service, providing consistently-cooked, superior-tasting products and boosting profit.