Lifestyle Benefits

Better Tasting Cuisine

Certain cooking styles (more than others) reveal the wonderful flavor potential of a particular food. Grilling is just one of many cooking techniques possible. Evo has the ability to sear, sauté, braise, boil, roast, steam, stir fry, bake, poach, toast, fry and grill. So calling an Evo Flattop just a “grill” would be a major understatement. You can cook all facets of a meal on an Evo and get the distinct flavors you truly desire – indoors and outdoors.

With an Evo flattop, you are able to sear an entire piece of meat or fish on the solid cook top. Chefs know that searing caramelizes the carbohydrates, turning them into tasty, natural sugars. The contrast in taste between the crust and interior makes the food more interesting to the palate. The beautiful marbleized look across the entire surface, now preferred over old fashioned grill lines, entices the taste buds.

Evo’s solid cook top keeps the flame away from the food and prevents the negative effects of charring – burning is not the same as searing and carmelization! Leaping flames and pulsating heat cause proteins to repetitively contract and relax, expelling natural, flavorful juices and nutrients. Cooking with Evo creates moist, tender meats and poultry.

The slightly convex shape to Evo’s cook top allows liquids to flow towards the drip tray, so you can maintain the distinct tastes of items being cooked simultaneously. Grated grills allow drippings to smolder and smoke everything above with a universal charred taste. Evo cooking also provides wonderful aromas that enhance the taste experience.

The innovative design makes cleaning easy so you can be more thorough. You always start fresh on an Evo.

Healthier Meals

Steaming is a preferred cooking method for health conscious individuals because no cooking oil is needed, thus resulting in a lower fat content. Steaming also results in a more nutritious food because fewer nutrients are destroyed or leached away. Steaming vegetables on the Evo Flattop is very easy – add a little water and cover with a lid.

Evo’s slightly convex cook top allows grease to roll to the outer edge so you are not cooking food in a pool of its fat.

Meals in a hurry can now involve healthy foods prepared on an Evo. Quick to heat and a versatile cooking platform means a complete meal can be prepared all at once in minutes. Less pans and fast cleanup has you on your way.

You don’t have to worry about leftover food debris and grease deposits creating mold spores that can rise from the open basins in grated appliances. Evo’s flat cook top and drip tray makes cleanup easy and complete.

Vegetables are in! So bring them outside. Evo expands your meal options because you have easy ways to cook vegetables outdoors along with your meats. So stop grabbing for the bag of processed food and get some fresh produce instead.

Increased health risks have been associated with eating charred foods. Evo keeps the flame separated from the food.

Vegan Diet

Medical science has proven that a diet that includes regular consumption of fresh produce is believed to help your body stave off a long list of serious physical ailments, including stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and certain types of cancer. Evo is a superb platform for cooking vegetables – especially outdoors, where grated grills have accommodated mainly meats.

A six-year study conducted by the Rush Institute, reported in the journal Neurology, suggested that people who eat at least two servings of vegetables a day have the mental acuity of a person five years younger than people of the same age who don’t. Evo’s cooking versatility allows you to prepare vegetables in many tasty ways (steam, roast, sauté, etc) helping to incorporate this important element into your diet.

Evo’s convex flattop keeps the juices from cooking meat away from vegetables being cooked at the same time. Lifestyles of the vegetarian and meat eater can be accommodated simultaneously. Evo wants everyone to be included in enjoying the party!

Evo is good friends with the Culinary Vegetable Institute (CVI) based in Ohio. CVI provides the world’s most innovative chefs with a place to share knowledge, experiment, and discover techniques for growing and preparing the most flavorful varieties of vegetables in an organic fashion in the world. The collaboration between the garden farmer and the chef and between the old and the new is the foundation of the Culinary Vegetable Institute. Evo supports this mission and contributes to their grammar school educational program.

Throwing Theme Parties

People are discovering the Evo plancha as a vehicle to expand beyond the beloved but constrained outdoor barbeque. Evo’s cooking versatility allows the theme to drive the food. Here are just a few ideas of what we’re talking about that can all be prepared on an Evo circular plancha:

  • Mardi Gras Celebration – pot of gumbo, fresh shrimp skewers, etouffee with dirty rice.
  • Barn Raising – steak with mushrooms marsala, wedge potatoes, flambé of fresh blueberries, strawberries and bananas.
  • Run For The Cure Rally – chicken skewers over grilled romaine, bow-tie pasta with fresh tomato, grilled seasonal fruit with lime yogurt.
  • New Boat Launch – crab cakes with basil aioli sauce, seafood cioppino, toasted olive loaf, hot buttered rum.
  • Mediterranean Mezza Party – grilled flatbread, seared lamb, vegetable kabobs.                   

Here is a new twist to the progressive party – have your guests bring a different food dish to prepare on the Evo. Instead of traveling from home to home, your friends bring their favorite home recipes to your house. Seven course meals are easily handled with Evo’s wide temperature range and large cooking surface.

Safety Around A Gas Appliance

Leaping fire flare-ups from open flame grills scare even the most seasoned backyard cooks! With Evo you can avoid singeing your hair…or worse.

Evo’s enclosed burner system ensures your food doesn’t become combustible material. Open flame grilling can lead to grease fires – where you can lose more than your prime rib to the flames.

The stainless steel gas tubes under the Evo cook top won’t get clogged by burnt food debris nor crumble because of acidic drippings. Likewise the electronic igniter is protected from grease and droppings. Evo’s innovative design ensures a much safer gas ignition – bringing ease of mind time after time.

The design safety of Evo appliances make them most friendly to men, women and children.

Cook For Large Family / Parties

Large gatherings are not an issue. Evo's Professional model has over 700 square inches of cook surface. Case in point: a chef for Outback Steakhouse catered an evening meal outdoors for 450 people where he cooked 65 filet mignons at a time on his Evo. So bring on the family reunion or block party! Or just be happy everyone gets to eat their pancakes at the same time as a family.

In addition to the large useable cooking surface, Evo’s efficient burner system (48,000 BTUs for the Professional model) ensures you have the heat to tackle the job. You’ll get quick recovery when cold foods are placed on and turned over. This reduces the waiting time for the line of hungry guests.

Evo’s wide range of controllable temperatures allows you to cook the most delicate to the more demanding foods. Whether you’re warming appetizers for a large party, or boiling a 10 gallon pot of lobsters, Evo can handle the task.

Did they make pizza round so it would someday fit on an Evo grill? We don't think so - but it works. Get creative outdoors, and leave the oven off indoors. Evo can handle family size foods.



Full Meals For Just Two

You can cook using direct (grill, sear, sauté, toast, stir-fry) and indirect (boil, braise, poach, steam and fry) methods on an Evo grill. You can even smoke (e.g. salmon on cedar plank). Cooking outdoors doesn't have to be one-dimensional (i.e. just heating the meat).

No longer do you need to still prepare some foods inside while you “cook outdoors”. There's a reason you wanted to be on the patio in the first place (e.g. enjoy the nice weather, avoid making the house hotter, etc). So grill that chicken Caesar salad; steam the asparagus while the filet is searing; flambé some fresh pineapple for dessert. Evo can handle it!

An entire meal can be prepared on the Evo grill – appetizers, soup/salad, entrée and dessert. So be creative with a dinner for two. With Evo, there’s just one place to clean up too.

The Evo Flattop can be used to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner. Naturally you don't think of bacon, eggs, hash browns, pancakes, etc. when it comes to open flame grills. The Evo Flattop allows you to prepare all that and warm the maple syrup! How about soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch – or Philly cheese steak, with the onions cooked right along side the beef, and the bun toasted too!




Wide Open Menu Possibilities Outdoors

The Evo flattop allows you to combine and enhance tastes you desire, in combinations not possible on a grated appliance. Grill onions along with the hamburger. Sear peppercorn with your steak. Sauté a hazel aioli sauce while cooking your crab cakes. Marinades and spices also stay with the food being cooked. The culinary possibilities are endless.

You can create true flavored “smoke” tastes from hickory, cedar, mesquite and more on an Evo grill. Add wood chips or a plank right onto the cook surface and cover. What you avoid with Evo is the degraded taste created from the burning of the conglomeration of droppings from past meals.

With Evo, think seafood. Not just "shrimp on the barbie" (although you can skewer, stir fry or saute them nicely), but bring on the fish. Fresh trout grilled to perfection and seasoned as you like it - and possible right at your campsite on your portable Evo tabletop. Don't wait for that trip to the restaurant to fill your craving for crab cakes - treat yourself at home. So grab your favorite cookbook - you never had this much versatility outdoors!




Stylish Decorative Appliances

Evo's stylish lines and modern look make it a welcome feature standing on your deck or patio, or nestled in your kitchen island. Recognized by leading designers and architects, and proudly positioned front-of-house by 5-Star resorts, Evo will draw out favorable comments from your guests.

Home kitchen design has been limited by appliances to sharp right angles and rectangular shapes - until Evo came along. Now soft curves and warm circles can be incorporated into your layout plan. Evo's circular profile allows you to create a pleasing and safe gathering point for entertaining.

Evo's allure is in its cooking functionality and enhanced with its ability to entertain. Its value is proven further by its long-term durability. Evo’s polished stainless steel surface provides a timelessness beyond color trends.






Reliable Brands

The Evo Flattop was originally designed in the late 90’s and has been tweaked over the years through a continual eye for improvement. Frankly, we’ve over-engineered it, which is why Evo is comfortable offering a Lifetime Limited Warranty. No one else does.

“Built to become the last grill you buy, and the first your children inherit”.

Evo cooking stations are used by hundreds of professional chefs in the top resorts and culinary locations across the nation (and internationally too). Hilton, Hyatt, Four Seasons, Disney,Google, Microsoft use Evo in their dining operations. (See our impressive Client List in the Foodervice Products section).  You’re safe to go with what the masters want and use themselves for great cooking and entertaining.

Built as a commercial appliance, consumers can feel confident that Evo will perform to their own demanding standards. But don't just take our word for it - Evo products are certified to numerous standards thru multiple labs: ANSI, NSF, UL, CE, AGA, CSA, etc.

Culinary pioneers such as Graham Kerr (pictured) and Jacques Pepin have embraced Evo cooking. Join us for a new taste!


Kid Friendly Appliances

Evo is very family friendly. You feel comfortable having kids around because there are no open flames and the hot areas are more confined. You also have less worries because flipping meats won’t cause a leaping fire flare-up that can burn them.

Kids love to watch Mom and Dad cook. They learn the skills; they feel the love. Evo circular flattops provide a wonderful venue for children to join in the preparation of a meal. So let them gather around, and hand them a spatula!







Cooking To Entertain

Evo allows the cook to be in the same party as the guests, without the billowing smoke and flare ups that usually keep people at a yard's length. You are no longer relegated to the far corners of the patio or deck, a demoted servant to your family and friends. The cook and Evo can be center stage!

People love to watch a chef in action. There is entertainment, drama, even mystery in making a great meal. So if you enjoy creating this experience for your friends, then Evo is the perfect platform for you. Even before they get to the great tastes, you will treat them with wonderful sights, sounds and aromas that enhance the affair.

Friends can join in the cooking itself, tending their creations on one side while you do likewise. If you are someone who likes to get guests “into” the party, hand them an extra spatula. You'll be surprised when they don't want to give it back!









Having Command Over Cooking Time

Evo's top of the line gas valve and our electronically controlled electrical element allows for a tremendous variation in cooking temperature. Fast heat when you want it; regulated low heat when the food requires it. You control what's ready to eat when!

Evo also has a quick heat recovery time – whether you're just flipping the food or putting on a whole new wave, you'll be back at your prescribed temperature in no time. Coupled with the large cooking surface, Evo helps everyone be "first" to get their food.

Open flame grills actually have two fuels – gas which you can control with the knobs, and grease which enflames and you cannot control. Fire flare-ups drastically change the chemistry of cooking and leave you hard-pressed to manage the heat. Stay in control with Evo!










Buying Long-Term Value

At over 200 pounds fully assembled, the Evo wheeled cart is solid - made from high quality, heavy gage stainless steel throughout. No detail has been overlooked – from our solid rubber wheels, to the stainless steel bolts and fasteners, to the heat resistant plastic handles on our hood.

The Achilles Heel of grated gas grills is the open burner / igniter system. Grease and debris clog and deteriorate their parts. It is the #1 reported problem per the annual Barbeque Association survey – nearly 1 in 3 grills need repair. With Evo, the only action you should anticipate taking is changing the igniter battery!

Evo’s burner and igniter are made from stainless steel and uniquely engineered to protect that system, thus preventing the "planned obsolescence" common to open flame grills. With over 8.4 million gas grills sold every year, and just a 2.4 million annual population growth, that leaves a lot of grills being replaced - needlessly we feel.

Value relates to more than just initial price, it is also about performance and durability. First, replacing outdoor grills is so common, people are not accustomed to factoring the total cost of repeated grill buys versus one Evo purchase which will last your lifetime. In addition, Evo provides a cooking platform who’s versatility (and thus use) easily outperforms the other grills. Finally, Evo’s entertainment factor is far superior - the first to invite people to gather around.

We have constructed the Evo Flattop to provide you superior value through quality, longevity and a convivial atmosphere.

Cooking Away From Home

Evo's tabletop models are great for taking the party on the road. Whether you're setting up at the beach, tailgating at the stadium, or enjoying a picnic in the mountains, you have all of the cooking versatility and ease of cleanup you'd have in your own backyard.

The Evo Companion is actually two models in one! The burn unit detaches (simple flip of a latch on the legs) from the cart for easy transport in a trunk or hatchback. Bring the cart or leave it – your choice!

Extended hunting, fishing and camping trips require serious meal planning - but Evo can ease the burden. The versatile cooking system allows you to use direct (e.g. sear, grill, stir fry, toast) and indirect (e.g. steam, roast, bake) techniques, so you can pack less yet have more variety in your meals. Plus you can prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner on the same platform.

Carrying and packing an Evo is made more convenient because the major pieces separate (hood, cook top, burner unit). They are durable enough to stand on end or lay flat. Restack when you arrive and you’re ready to cook in minutes.

You can also have an Evo cooktop built into your home on wheels. Why go without the cooking versatility and convivial gathering Evo provides!

Being Environmentally Conscious

There are over 14 million charcoal and gas grills sold every year in the U.S. alone - mainly replacement grills. That's a lot of Chinese steel ending up in American landfills. At Evo, we feel you should be able to pass your grill on to your children as you would your other fine cookware – so we make our products to last.

The Evo cook surface captures and quickly disseminates the heat across its wide area, rather than have most of the heat escape into the atmosphere while trying to warm up skinny metal bars like with open flame grills. So you burn less propane – and conserve more petroleum, from which propane is derived.

Stainless steel burner coils help ensure a clean, even burn for years to come. Plus there are more gas portals per square inch, further increasing your burn efficiency. Evo flattops utilize less gas per meal than conventional grills.

Evo’s closed burner system prevents fire flare-ups and smoke from burning grease and food, therefore less particulates are released into the air.

Enjoying International Flavors

Traditionally when you think of “grilling” you think of American fare – hamburgers, hotdogs, steak. Evo opens a chef’s vista to all kinds of wonderful cuisines with its cooking versatility. Just some examples of international dishes you can prepare easily on an Evo cooktop:

  • Japanese – Grilled Miso Chicken Breasts
  • Portugese – Linguica Sausage Over Soft Polenta
  • Jordanian – Braised Lamb Stew Over Cous Cous
  • Danish – Pandekagar (Danish Pancakes)
  • Chinese - Szechwan Spicy Tangerine Chicken
  • Italian - Salad of Fresh Mozzarella, Roast Peppers and Basil
  • Caribbean – Frizz Fish
  • French – Pain Perdu (French Toast)
  • India – Goan Style Vindaloo (Hot And Sour Pork)
  • Greek – Chicken Gyros with Dill Sause
  • Singapore – Extremely Hot Linguine
  • Ukrainian - Borshch

Flattop cooking is recognized the world over, with each nationality having its own recognized style. Plancha is well known to Spanish cultures. A cast iron skillet is fundamental to fine French cooking. Asian cultures have traditionally used high heat and large steel surfaces. Evo is the only premiere cooking platform that brings these universal styles together.

Easy Clean-up

Evo’s design makes it easy to clean, and you can be thorough as well because you can get to all the places food touches. An open flame grill or char broiler has grease, food parts, sauces, etc. that have collected on the basin, burners and briquettes. Besides a source of mold, that debris continues to burn meal after meal and taints the taste. You always start fresh on an Evo.

Cleaning an Evo cooktop should take just seconds, so you can return to your family and party. Basically scrape the cook surface and wipe the drip tray. Visit our “Use and Care” section for more complete details on keeping your Evo polished and ready to cook!

A tribute to Evo's ability to clean up effectively is the NSF (National Sanitary Foundation) certification received for our Professional and Affinity models. This distinction allows Evo to be used in commercial food preparation applications – but there's no reason to expect you have any less standards at home! 




Having an Outdoor Kitchen

Everyone enjoys backyard living especially when the weather is good and the scenery is beautiful. So wanting to cook outdoors is a logical move. Evo flattops provide a full range of cooking techniques so you are not limited on what you can do as with a traditional “grill”. Prepare the full meal outside on an Evo. You can start at breakfast, and finish with a party at night!

Evo offers a line of built-in flattop models that will fit your needs. The new Evo Affinity is designed for today’s complete outdoor kitchen island (cooking, wash sinks, refrigeration, etc), offering an attractive design in addition to great functionality.

The right cooking appliance is important in an outdoor kitchen island because it is fixed in position. If you use a traditional open flame barbeque grill which creates a lot of smoke, remember you cannot move it. The smoke will instead drive your guests away from your beautiful setting to seek haven elsewhere like indoors or back of the yard - which defeats the purpose. Evo’s flattop cooking system provides a more convivial atmosphere that draws people to your wonderful new outdoor entertainment area. And there is no lid constantly raised in their face as you cook.

People are used to trading out their outdoor grills routinely because they get fouled up quickly. Unfortunately this practice doesn't work when you cement in an open grate grill into your outdoor kitchen. The first question you should ask is "will I be able to re-fill the hole when this goes bad"? The simple solution is install an Evo that will last a lifetime! But if you still want a grated grill or smoker for special times, leave it in the cormer of the yard or garage like before - that's it home.

Reducing Potential Carcinogens

Increased health risks have been associated with eating charred foods. Evo keeps the flame separated from the food.  









We Both Cook

Both men and women feel comfortable cooking in today’s kitchens. The same comfort level should exist when cooking outdoors – and does with Evo. The versatility of the Evo Flattop allows you to prepare foods the way you cook.

Evo overcomes the particular concerns women have with traditional outside grills (trouble lighting, feeling unsafe, producing inconsistent results). Evo’s enclosed burner system and temperature control provides you with the confidence and control you are used to inside your kitchen.

Every Evo model is a commercial grade appliance designed to be used by anyone. So it doesn’t matter which one of you is the gourmet chef and which is the basic cook. Evo performs for each of you.





Commercial Products For Home

Renowned culinary epicenters The James Beard House, the Culinary Institute of America, and the Vegetable Culinary Institute have chosen the Evo Professional grill for use by their culinary masters.

Evo is now the recognized leader in presentation cooking equipment. Hundreds of top chefs at Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott, Four Seasons, Disney, Ritz-Carlton, Sheraton, Westin, Trump resorts are now delightedly using Evo grills to impress their clientele. The same engineered, professional Evo appliances commercial companies use are available to you for your home. We don't just say we are "commercial grade", our business clients prove it every day!

The Evo Professional and Affinity models are rated for commercial use by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF).

All Evo products are fully certified to ANSI standards, the organization that independently regulates gas appliances. We continue to have OMNI Test Labs routinely inspect our products and production to ensure ANSI, UL and our own high standards are maintained.



Quick Meals

Meals in a hurry can now involve healthy foods prepared on an Evo. Quick to heat and a versatile cooking platform means a complete meal can be prepared all at once in minutes. Less pans and fast cleanup has you on your way.

Evo live action cooking stations are also found at grocers serving fresh prepared foods. Whether you are dashing between appointments or needing to take home an already cooked meal, you have a better alternative to the fried food joints. In tune with your lifestyle, these grocers let you select your healthy ingredients and enjoy a better tasting meal prepared on an Evo flattop.






Camping With Comforts of Home

Camping is really about enjoyment, whether appreciating the great outdoors or just being away with family and great friends. Evo makes camp cooking comfortable! A single Evo tabletop unit is easy to transport and set-up, versatile enough for cooking just about any foods at any meal time, and fast to clean-up so you’re back to enjoying the activities. If you wanted a demanding adventure you’d have joined the French Foreign Legion!

Evo provides a wide range of cooking capabilities with a single appliance. It’s a quick warmer like your microwave, and handles pots and pans like your range. With the cover the Evo can roast and bake as an oven, and the cook surface is your flattop griddle for making pancakes, searing steak and grilling bacon. There is no other cooking appliance like Evo - it makes you feel like you have a whole kitchen in your camp site.

More from less is available with Evo. In conjunction with the added versatility (and the need to bring less ancillary equipment) is the ability to simply cook more food. Whether you’re cooking a broad menu for a few of you, or handling heavy portions for a hungry crew, Evo can handle the volume. A large useable cooking surface and fast heat recovery makes for a quick meal for many.


Supporting American Business

Evo is proud to bring the best in American manufacturing know-how to our “Made in the USA” product. Evo products are designed and engineered by our professional staff. Almost 99% of our components are built in the United States, which are then assembled in our Oregon manufacturing facility. We feel we can still teach the world how to make a great product – and do!

More and more traditional barbeques are being manufactured in China as big box retail stores push manufacturers to furnish cheaper products, often while sacrificing quality. The U.S. trade deficit with China hit an all-time imbalance in 2008, running at an annual rate of $268 Billion. China recently peaked at 83% of the total U.S. non-oil goods trade deficit.

Purchase an Evo and make owning quality conventional again!

Easy, Reliable Ignition

Evo's electronic igniter has the entire grill cook top warming up in seconds with a push of a button. No long sticks with fire on the end necessary to ignite the gas! Just the spark from a standard battery.

The superior reliability of Evo comes from the patented circular flattop and burner system. By keeping grease and food debris away from the igniter and gas tubes, Evo prevents the clogging and deterioration of these critical systems. Feel confident every time it will work – and safely.







My Business is My Avocation

Fortunate people enjoy work being more than just a job - it's what brings exciting challenges to the day, and at the end leaves satisfaction beyond a paycheck. Often with this comes a sense of belonging to a cohesive team whose accomplishments we like to publically identity with and celebrate. Evo can help support the blended professional-private you thru our name & logo engraving option.

Text and/or image is etched into the stainless steel center brace and will not wear off like a film or paint. It's a reminder in the life at home with family and friends of the role you play in the success of the organization - be it business, charity, social, whatever.

Business owners, organization leaders, incentive & reward program managers, event producers et al should consider a monogrammed Evo wheeled cart as a smart benefit to bestow. A gift of Evo's quality says you value them; Evo's healthy cooking platform indicates you care about them; providing such a convivial appliance shows you recognize the others close to them. Your logo in return reminds one and all of the connection to the source of this largesse - each and every time they gather around the Evo to share a meal.

Whether you are the decision maker, or one who can influence these programs, think of an engraved Evo grill as a means to enhance your avocation. Small business owners can use it to market themselves. Firms can announce new partners thru an Evo award. Executives can reward high achievement. Movie producers can wrap a successful production. The opportunities to make a great impression are as endless as the menu possibilities on Evo!




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