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Break Out of the Box

The kitchen is usually the warmest room in the house, temperature-wise. However with all the right angles and box shapes it can present an esthetic coldness. Add some “curve appeal” with Evo!

Great kitchens have character and personality, and Evo offers a way to be unique. The iconic style of our circular flattop opens new design options. Add a sense of relaxed fun while gaining functionality.

Creating a Social Kitchen

Many factors from economic pressures and harried lives to security concerns are leading families back home. With that comes a drive to create a more sociable environment for family and friends. Evo provides the means to make 21st century cooking a convivial event again.

The wall between the kitchen and living room was removed years ago, but the spaces remained somewhat functionally distinct. Now with Evo the transformation is being completed. Evo’s social cooking appliance bridges the rooms creating a social space in which you can cook and entertain.


Evo helps you remove sharp corners on central island designs allowing you to move about move freely – and children more safely.

Since humans come in different sizes with varied needs, Evo can also be installed at any height to make the task easiest – whether you’re in a wheel chair or the NBA.

Durability and longevity are a major part of sustainability. Evo’s “lifetime” products ensure the appliance will perform as long as the house is standing! And our timeless style removes the need to change with the current fad.

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