Entertaining - Indoor

Family & Friends

People naturally congregate in the kitchen. Don't discourage it - accommodate it with an Evo. Gather your loved ones around you. Share a simple taste or a savory selection with those close to you.

Pull up a stool for your kids and hand them a spatula! Show them the love of food. Let a guest join in the food preparation. Be in the party, not just working at your gathering.


The other kitchen appliances (range, oven, microwave, etc) are for cooking food to set out when done. Evo allows you to share the process so family and friends enjoy the sights, sounds and aromas of preparing foods. Those senses form a lot of the taste experience!

Create that theme dinner with a more exciting menu. Incorporate Indian flatbreads, French crepes, Japanese gyoza. Explore with new hot appetizers: crab cakes, lamb skewers, grilled peach halves.

Folly !

Evo is the leading social cooking appliance. It was designed to naturally draw people around. Being easy to use and quick to clean-up too keeps the focus on fun! Not only can you expand your party menu thru the ease of Evo cooking, you can extend your offering of fresh prepared items throughout the evening.

Here's a proven party idea - have an ice bath with ingredients next to the Evo, and partygoers prepare their own portion whenever they want. Your guests enjoy hot appetizers all evening while you're across the room with a glass of wine engaged in lively conversation!

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