Companion Classic Tabletop

Companion Classic Tabletop With Hood

This Model Has Been Discontinued

Manually-Controlled Gas-Fired Flattop Grill For Residential Outdoor Cooking

The Evo Companion Classic Tabletop is the perfect solution for versatile food preparation at home and for cooking events away from home like camping, tailgating or picnics. The Companion Classic Tabletop has a 25” (635mm) diameter oil seasoned steel cook surface heated underneath by a single gas tube burner. Heat is delivered to the burner via a single control knob. 

Surface temperatures range from 225ºF to 700ºF (121ºC to 371ºC) from the center to the outside edge. The burner system has a push button electronic ignition system. A stainless steel drip pan completely surrounds the underside of the cook surface catching all food debris. A separate spill over tray is mounted to one side of the drip pan for containing and holding pan debris. Operating on Propane LP Gas or Natural Gas, the Companion is the ideal grill for creating a social cooking space on your backyard patio/deck or your favorite park site.

Product Features

Circular Flattop Grill Designed To Create A Social Cooking Space At Home Or Away

  • 25” (635mm) circular oil seasoned steel cooking surface.
  • Variable temperatures 225ºF to 700ºF (121ºC to 371ºC).
  • With LP Propane gas, commands a continuous range of temperature across the entire cook surface with 28,500 BTUs.
  • Electronic push button ignition.
  • LP Propane gas or Natural Gas.
  • Optional ceramic-clad cook surface upgrade.

Designed To Setup And Cook Outdoors

  • Three rubber feet for positioning on tabletop or flat surface.
  • Rear handle allows easy carry.
  • Extra long 60" LP gas hose (NG option).
  • Heat shield prevents heat from damaging surface below.
  • Quick release removable cook surface and drip pan.

Easy Operation, Easy Maintenance, Easy Cleanup

  • Cooking techniques: sauté, braise, flattop (plancha) grilling, pan fry, roast, poach, steam, toast.
  • Cook surface is extremely durable and easy to clean
  • Stainless steel burners are protected against spill overs.
  • Stainless steel drip pan surrounds cook surface with side mounted spill collection tray.
  • Optional large stainless steel lid for steaming, roasting, baking and protecting cook surface from outdoor debris.

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