EVent® Series

Electric Griddle with Downdraft Ventilation

Designed for front-of-house cooking for restaurants, sports arenas, cafeterias, convention centers, resorts, grocery stores and foodservice operators without an overhead vent hood. The award winning EVent® 35E & 48E include a high-efficiency electric griddle integrated with a ventilation system that extracts air across the griddle surface through a series of filters including an electrostatic precipitator that removes smoke and grease particulates before exhausting clean air.

Additionally, The EVent models are equipped with the latest in technology and safety and include a Buckeye Model BFR-5, Kitchen Mister Automatic Fire Suppression System for commercial cooking applications.

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Award Winning

Trophy with KIA logoThe National Restaurant Association has awarded Evo, Inc. the prestigious Kitchen Innovations 2015 Award for its EVent® downdraft ventilation cooking equipment. Evo is proud to be recognized as one of the restaurant industry’s groundbreaking kitchen equipment manufacturers. The KI Awards Program is judged by a panel of respected 3rd-party experts. They come from across foodservice, and represent some of the industry’s most well-known brands and organizations.

  • 24” x 35” (610mm x 900mm) rectangular steel griddle surrounded with black granite counter top.
  • Resistive touch screen display controls cook temperature presets and ventilation system monitoring.
  • Variable temperatures 100˚F to 550˚F (38˚C to 288˚C).
  • Electric: 208V – 220V, 40AMP, 1-Phase.
  • Low noise, high efficiency CFM downdraft ventilation system with chef-side intake aperture and discharge duct.
  • Chef-side accessible washable stainless steel pre-filter and washable electrostatic precipitator filter, with replaceable activated charcoal post-filter.
  • Self-contained fire suppression system with nozzles in cross-pattern arrangement provide a continuous zone of protection.


UL Approved Waterproofing Upgrade

Casters for ADA Compliance – 34” Unit Height


The EVent 35E has a four stage filtration process built into the chassis that eliminates smoke, particulates, grease-laden vapors and cooking odors:

  • Stage 1 – An internal stainless steel grease filter captures airborne grease. This metal filter is washable.
  • Stage 2 – An aluminum mesh filter captures airborne food particles. This metal filter is washable.
  • Stage 3 – An electrostatic precipitator filter further extracts airborne grease, and smoke particles. This metal filter is washable.
  • Stage 4 – The last filter is a disposable activated charcoal post-filter.
Fire Suppression

The Evo EVent® 35E is equipped with the latest in technology and safety and includes a Buckeye Model BFR-5, Kitchen Mister™ Automatic Fire Suppression System for commercial cooking applications. The Model BFR-5 Fire Suppression System must be inspected and maintained by an Authorized, Factory Trained, Buckeye distributor. Inspection and maintenance procedures must adhere to the design, installation, and maintenance manual part# BFR-TM, NFPA 17A, Sections of NFPA 96 where applicable, Local, State, and National Codes as well as the UL listing.



1) Call Evo, Inc. at 503-626-1802 and request an EVent Fire System Commissioning. The first-time fire system commissioning is offered at no charge to you, the end-customer purchaser of the EVent equipment.

2) Provide the complete business name and address; and specific location if necessary (such as room number, suite number, floor, etc.).

3) Provide a name of a contact person and phone number to schedule commissioning process.

4) Exact unit quantities of Evo EVent 35E and/or Evo EVent 48E cooking stations and an individual list of serial numbers.

5) Expected “go live date” (when you anticipate to begin using the EVent cooking equipment).

6) Evo, Inc. will select a local Authorized Fire System Contractor in proximity to your business address and notify them to schedule a commissioning of the fi re suppression system.

7) If required, the Authorized Fire System Contractor will make contact with the local municipal jurisdiction to request a fi re system permit. The cost associated with the fire system permit is the responsibility of the end-customer purchaser of the EVent equipment.

8) Following the local municipal jurisdiction approval, if required, the Authorized Fire System Contractor will schedule a time with you, the end-customer purchaser, to conduct the process of commissioning the fire suppression system. The commissioning process will likely take 1 hour per cooking station.

9) Note that some jurisdictions may require the cooking station to be interfaced to the building fire alarm system, if present. The EVent cooking station is designed to be supervised by a building fire alarm system.

Keep in mind that with all commercial fire suppression systems, there are semi-annual inspections and servicing of the EVent Fire Suppression Equipment that is required per local, state and National codes, as well as your local Authorized Fire System Contractor’s product policy and warranty. This semi-annual inspection is to be negotiated and scheduled directly between the end-customer purchaser of the EVent equipment and the local Authorized Fire System Contractor.


Commercial Limited Warranty for the 35 EVent® and 48 EVent® Units

Evo, Incorporated warrants to the original commercial foodservice purchaser that the Evo Cooking Station shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal and reasonable use for One (1) year from the original installation date. This warranty is for the original use purchaser and is non-transferable. Evo promises to replace, at its determination, any product or component that is defective during this initial one year period. This document covers the warranty information for both the Evo EVent® 35E Cooking Station and the Evo EVent® 48E Cooking Station. You will find in this warranty document the following details:

• what the warranty covers;
• critical need to maintain filters;
• what the period of coverage is;
• what you will do to correct problems;
• how you, as the customer, can get warranty service.

As you begin cooking operations with the 35 EVent® and 48 EVent® Cooking Stations, it is critical to learn how to maintain the cooking station, with a particular emphasis on monitoring and cleaning the filter stations in the unit.

We stand behind our Evo Ductless Downdraft Ventilation Cooking Equipment, but you, as the customer will need to clean the four (4) filter stations in each unit on a monthly basis.

A. The Evo, Incorporated Warranty Covers The Entire Cooking Station

The company will supervise the correct installation of the EVent Cooking Station(s) in your service area. The company has a contract with National Service Cooperative, “NSC”. This firm has national coverage with installation and service representatives across the United States.
• If you are experiencing a cooking problem, we ask you to call the company directly (503) 626-1802;
• In most instances, the problem with the EVent Cooking Station should be resolved with removing and proper cleaning of the four filters;
• The charcoal filter is a disposable filter and needs to be inspected every two to three weeks, completely replaced once a month; and
• The crumb tray, doors and filters (DRY, NOT WET FROM DISHWASHER) must be returned to the proper location in the unit.

B. The Evo, Incorporated Warranty does not include Damage to the Cooking Station due to filter neglect or abuse.

Each Event® Cooking Station purchased includes four (4) filters that must be monitored, checked on a monthly basis and cleaned properly:
1. The washable stainless steel filter.
2. The washable aluminum pre-filter.
3. The washable Electrostatic precipitator filter cartridge (ESP).
4. The final, disposable, filter is a charcoal activated post filter.

The first three (3) filters must be removed and washed at least once a month; however, weekly visual monitoring is strongly recommended. The last filter, the disposable charcoal filter should be visually checked each week. After 3 to 4 weeks of operation, the disposable charcoal filter must be removed and a fresh, new filter installed in the unit. Proper filter maintenance and cleaning will ensure successful cooking operations. Ignoring and abusing the Evo EVent® Cooking Station filter maintenance MAY RESULT IN WARRANTY COVERAGE TERMINATION.

C. The discharge of the fire suppression system is likely to damage the EVent® unit. The Warranty is no longer valid after the fire suppression system is discharged.

It is critical to call Evo, Incorporated (503) 626-1802 to report the fire suppression system was used on the EVent unit.
D. The Warranty period for the entire EVent unit covers the first year of operation.

The warranty starts the day the EVent Cooking Station has been installed and continues for 365 days (1 year).

The warranty is not assignable and applies only in favor of the original purchaser / owner to whom the EVent® unit was delivered. Any such transfer shall void the warranties herein made.
E. What is not covered by this warranty

Cleaning the filters on a regular basis is required to maintain the warranty, damage resulting from the failure to perform normal maintenance as outlined in the owner’s manual will result in warranty termination.

Voltage conditions, blown fuses, open circuit breakers or any other damage due to the inadequacy or interruption of electrical services will result in warranty termination.

Damages as a result of floods, winds, fires, lightning, accidents, corrosive environment, improper installation or installation not in accordance with local electrical codes will result in warranty termination.

Cosmetic damage, including scratches, dents, chips or other damage to the finish of the table, cook surface, stainless steel are not covered in the warranty.

The EVent® table with original model / serial numbers that have been removed, altered or cannot be easily determined may result in warranty termination.

F. If you are calling with a service problem, please be prepared to relay the following information:
1. How and when the Cooking Station stopped operating.
2. Whether or not the filters were recently cleaned and inserted into the Cooking Station.
3. The Evo EVent Cooking Station Serial Number.