Affinity 30Ge Display Cooking Station

Affinity 30Ge Display Cooking Station - Moveable Casters

Electronically Controlled Gas Fired Cooktop Complete With Display Cooking Station For Indoor Theatre Kitchens

Item # 10-0052-DCS
The Evo Affinity 30Ge Display Cooking Station has a 30” (762mm)
diameter black seasoned steel cook surface heated underneath
by inner and outer gas tube burners. Surface temperatures
range from 225ºF to 550ºF (121ºC to 288ºC) from the center to
the outside edge. The burner system is electronically controlled.
The Affinity 30Ge DCS is free standing stainless steel cabinet with
open storage space. Available with either Natural Gas or LP
Propane. An ideal solution for any indoor display cooking venue.


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Product Features

Circular Cooktop With Display Cooking
• 30” (762mm) circular black seasoned
steel cooking surface.
• Two circular temperature zones: inner
and outer surface.
• Electronically monitored dual
independent gas burners.
• Variable temperatures 225ºF to 550ºF
(121ºC to 288ºC).
• Natural Gas 46,000 BTUs, LP Propane
48,000 BTUs.
• Analog knobs separately control inner
and outer burners.
• Digital temperature display for inner and
outer zones.
• Open storage space under cooktop.
• Locking casters or optional adjustable
seismic feet.
• Natural Gas or LP Propane gas option.
Designed For Display Kitchens And
• Zero clearance to adjoining counters
and cabinetry.
• Type-1 ventilation hood recommended
• Stainless steel construction for easy
Easy Operation, Easy Maintenance, Easy
• Food service staff skill level: Intermediate.
• Cooking techniques: sauté, braise, fl attop
(plancha) grilling, deep fry, pan fry, roast,
poach, steam, toast.
Cooktop surface is extremely durable
and easy to clean.
• Stainless steel cabinet is easy to clean.

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