Affinity 30G Display Service Table

Evo Affinity 30G Outdoor Gas Display Cooking Station

Manually Controlled Gas Fired Presentation Cooktop Complete With Display Service Table For Outdoor Theatre Kitchens

The Evo Affinity 30G Display Service Table is a turn-key display cooking station with a free standing cabinet and under-counter open shelf space. The display cabinet locates the Affinity 30G cooking surface at 39” (990mm), with two shelves measuring 9-7/16” x 27-5/8” x 21” (239mm x 701mm x 533mm). An Evo Affinity 30G compliments this display table with a 30” (762mm) diameter seasoned steel cook surface heated underneath by inner and outer gas tube burners. Evo’s technology allows independent heat adjustment across inner and outer cook surface zones for managing a wide range of menu possibilities.  Heat is delivered to each burner via separate inner and outer control knobs.

Edge to edge even surface temperatures range from 225ºF to 675ºF (121ºC to 357ºC) from the center to the outside edge without the hot spots and temperature problems prone to traditional square griddles. The burner system has a push button electronic ignition system which ignites both burners simultaneously. A stainless steel drip pan completely surrounds the underside of the cook surface catching all food debris. Separate spill over trays that contain and hold drip pan debris are conceled in slide out drawers at each right and left side of the control panel. Operating on either Natural Gas or Propane LP Gas, the Affinity 30G DST is an ideal solution for any outdoor display cooking application.


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Product Features

Circular Presentation Cooktop With Display Service Table

  • 30” (762mm) circular oil seasoned steel cooking surface.
  • Two temperature zones between inner and outer surface.
  • Variable temperatures 225ºF to 675ºF (121ºC to 357ºC).
  • With LP Propane gas, inner burner 11,176 BTUs max, outer burner 21,131 BTUs max for a total of 40,095 BTUs.
  • With Natural Gas, inner burner 9,709 BTUs max, outer burner 26,557 BTUs max for a total of 36,266 BTUs.
  • Knobs separately control inner and outer burners.
  • Electronic push button ignition.
  • Two open shelves measuring 9-7/16” x 27-5/8” x 21” (239mm x 701mm x 533mm).
  • Locking casters or optional adjustable seismic feet.
  • Natural Gas standard, and LP Propane gas option.

Designed For Display Kitchens or Cafeterias

  • Zero clearance to adjoining counters and cabinetry.
  • NSF stainless steel construction for easy cleaning.
  • AutoCAD libraries listed on KCL at

Easy Operation, Easy Maintenance, Easy Cleanup

  • Food service staff skill level: Intermediate.
  • Cooking techniques: sauté, braise, flattop (plancha) grilling, deep fry, pan fry, roast, poach, steam, toast.
  • Cook surface is extremely durable and easy to clean
  • Service table shelving is easy to clean.

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