Affinity 25E Commercial Cooktop

Evo Affinity 25E Electric Commercial Indoor Cooktop

Electric Cooktop For Custom Specified Indoor Display Kitchens

The Evo Affinity 25E Cooktop is the perfect solution for warming and holding foods and for low to medium temperature preparations. The 25E has a 25” (635mm) diameter steel cook surface heated underneath by a specially programmed low temperature dual-zone electric heater. This unique heater design provides even heat from the center to the outside edge without the hot spots and temperature problems prone to traditional square griddles. Evo’s technology allows independent heat adjustment across inner and outer cook surface zones for managing a wide range of menu possibilities. Electric heaters deliver heat to each cook surface zone via separate inner and outer control knobs. Individual temperature monitoring is digitally displayed for each zone.

Surface temperatures range from 150ºF to 300ºF (66ºC to 149ºC) from the center to the outside edge (optional user enabled temperature of 150ºF to 525ºF (66ºC to 274ºC) are available). The heater system is electronically controlled and engaged with an On/Off button. The LCD display shows inner and outer set temperatures that correspond to each analog knob position. A display icon illuminates whenever a heater becomes active. A Mode selector displays actual momentary temperature at both inner and outer cook surface zones. A Hot Surface warning indicator illuminates when surface temperatures are above 150F (66ºC). Operating on 208V -240V the Affinity 25E Cooktop is an ideal solution for any indoor display cooking venue.

Product Features

Circular Presentation Cooktop Designed For Fast Temperature Recovery and Variable Heat Control

  • 25” (635mm) circular oil seasoned steel cooking surface.
  • Two temperature zones between inner and outer surface.
  • Electronically monitored dual-zone heater.
  • Warming temperatures 150ºF to 300ºF (66ºC to 149ºC).
  • Optional Cooking Temperatures 150ºF to 525ºF (66ºC to 274ºC).
  • Analog knobs separately control inner and outer burners.
  • Digital temperature display for inner and outer zones.
  • Two models: 20AMP and 30AMP versions

Designed For Custom Specified Built-In Installations

  • Install to steel or wood with zero clearance requirement.
  • Install to end base or right angle counter configurations.
  • Circular cook surface and radius control panel opens design possibilities.
  • AutoCAD libraries listed on KCL at

Easy Operation, Easy Maintenance, Easy Cleanup

  • Food service staff skill level: Intermediate.
  • Cooking Techniques: sauté, braise, flattop (plancha) style griddle.
  • Cook surface is extremely durable and easy to clean.
  • Electric heater is protected against spill overs.
  • Stainless steel drip pan surrounds cook surface with forward spillover slots to dual spill collection trays.
  • Spill collection trays are conveniently located in drawers at each outward side of control panel.

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