GEAR Magazine (page 36)

Evo Flattop Grill

"The garden is quiet, nearly silent. Children chase each other hither and thither. The adults sip from their drinks and talk quietly about their lives in the hot, hot sun, all the while glancing at you from across the green lawn, with a mixture of fear and, well, fear.

For you are immaculate. In unsmeared sunglasses and a puffy, snow-white chef’s hat you stand erect above your Evo Flattop, sliding raw meat around on a smooth circle of undifferentiated steel and utterly freaking people out in the process. You invited them to “a barbecue,” yet there is not the merest flicker of naked flame visible. Plus, where is the splatter? Where is the charring? Where are the calcifying globs of grease that will take someone an hour to dislodge from the dark, satanic bars of the grilling surface?

But then you start handing out paper plates.  Paper plates that groan and sag with piping hot excellence, and suddenly everyone realizes that the anxiety they were feeling was just the natural anxiety mankind always feels whenever there’s a huge leap forward in the science of grilling: fire itself, the rotating spit, the George Forman Lean Mean. The future isn’t always comfortable, but it sure is tasty!"

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