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Found at the center of your circle of loved ones is usually great food! Evo is about sharing in the creation and enjoyment of a meal with family and friends. So we offer some ideas on wonderful foods to experience on the Evo flattop.

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What better way to enjoy a summer afternoon than with a lovely fresh salad paired with a crisp cold glass of wine.
This latin comfort food is quick and easy to make and will be a hit at any party or shall we say... fiesta!
Take a nip off the cold weather with this simple, hearty preparation
Enjoy this original Louisiana Gumbo recipe from Chef Paul Prudhomme.....taste the "magic!"
This Mediterranean influenced dish is a beautiful blend of the earthy lamb and the nutty tahini sauce
Use this popular sauce on chicken, beef and seafood satays, or serve with lettuce wraps or salad rolls
This Japanese inspired skewer is delicious with teriyaki sauce over rice, or just alone with spicy peanut sauce
Serve as simple satay appetizers or create an entire "lettuce wrap" meal...
Grilled satays can be served alone as an appetizer or combined with an assortment of fresh garnishes for chicken lettuce wraps
Turkey is probably one of the most astonishing items to be cooked on an Evo!
this sandwich is perfect for road trips, picnics or a tour of the wine country
Succulent steak served with crisp roasted potatoes and seared asparagus. A perfect dinner treat.
Evo is the perfect cooking appliance for fresh fish.
Have a friend over and impress them with this simple, healthy, yet tasty meal
Delicious meal for the hungry eater.
A quick and healthy meal for lunch or dinner.
A quick snack to satisfy the hunger cravings
Make this yummy meal for your kids and their friends.
Evo lends itself well to burritos - cook everything on one appliance to save yourself cleaning time. Just have everyone make their own right on the grill.

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