Return on Investment

As the old adage says, you have to spend money to make money. The importance of investing in Evo equipment right now is that the returns are high and immediate. So if you are the Manager, Director, Executive, Owner or such who is responsible for the top to bottom line, here are some valuable considerations. These facts about Evo's financial contributions should assist you whether you are creating the analysis, pitching the proposal, or making the decision. Let us help you move ahead.

Revenue Generation - Volume

The versatility of Evo cooking equipment allows you to host more events. You have the opportunity to expand into other times of the day, set up in new locations, and develop different concepts - all of which can increase your event sales.

The menu flexibility and presentation impact of Evo creates greater satisfaction with clients, which drives both repeat and referral business. Capturing a larger share of the market you play in is a sound competitive strategy - and doable outcome with Evo.

Revenue Generation - Pricing

Healthier and tastier dining thru Evo cooking facilitates a premium cover price charge. Fresh prepared foods are superior to pre-processed items - diners know and value this, and are happy to pay accordingly.

Evo display equipment provides a means to put the professional chef in front of the guests. The exhibition of the culinary master and presentation of a well prepared meal allows for an engagement fee upcharge.

Food Cost Savings

Evo reduces the time and physical distance between cooking and dining. A key advantage of our action cooking stations is it allows you to gage the dining crowd and cook only what is needed. That means less waste of food - prepared but uneaten/unsold so it must be tossed.

Flexible menu offerings made possible by Evo's many cooking techniques allows companies to utilize the raw food stock on hand before it becomes outdated. Likewise these varied preparation possibilities can allow you to take advantage of volume purchases or special incentives on food items. All leading to lower net costs.

Labor Reduction

Evo action cooking needs less prep work and provides easier clean up, which reduces the overall event timeframe and thus the total hours required, including service and management staff.

Live action stations allow you to put your professionally trained culinary staff in front of the guests, eliminating less knowledgeable and more unreliable transient help. Your team members with a passion for food are now engaging the diners, increasing the value of the experience and reducing customer service issues.

Lower Operating Costs

The unique concept of Evo cooking equipment provides greater utility with less supporting supplies. No need for special induction pans, use the pots you have. No "additional attachments" required. Don't need steam table pans, warming lamps, chafing dishes and fuel canisters, etc when serving directly to your diner's plate off an Evo.

Energy costs can be a major portion of operating expense. Evo appliances are very energy efficient by design, effectively capturing the heat within the cook surface.

Capital Expenditure Minimalization

The monthly expense on capital equipment (i.e. depreciation) of an Evo cooking station is as low as $42 for a tabletop model to only $289 for a complete electronic cooktop with refrigeration unit. This one piece of equipment can generate significant margin dollars. Consult with your culinary team so they understand this important financial dynamic.

Your need for other specialized equipment (e.g. hot boxes, chafing stations, tortilla warmers, crepe makers, wok stations, etc) is reduced due to the widespread functionality of Evo, which translates into saved cash and lower depreciation and finance charges. Evo's cost per use, whether you measure by item prepared or time utilized, is significantly lower than other limited use equipment such as rotisseries and fryers.

= Net Profit Enhancement

Revenue increases can be generated by winning more bookings, accommodating larger guest lists, expanding the service item options, and achieving higher price per person/item averages - all possible with Evo enhanced foodservice offerings.

Evo equipment is a business partner that help can increase revenues at a small fixed cost and lowered variable expense thereby generating increasing margins.

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