A lot of focus gets put on the iconic style and entertainment aspects of Evo live action display cooking appliances. All worthy attributes, but we want you to know that Evo is also a star operational performer. Our products have the muscle, speed and stamina to handle any foodservice job efficiently.

Easy Set-Up

Live action cooking can be set up easily in a number of venues. Evo portable cooking stations are easily transported, whether pushing the travel case across the pool deck, moving the presentation cart across the banquet room, or carrying the tabletop down to the beach. Don't have a helper? No worries - you can handle an Evo by yourself.

All units arrive from Evo ready to connect to their power source and cook, whether you're hooking up to a propane tank, a natural gas line, or plugging into electric outlets - Evo uses all standard fittings.

Quick Start-Up

Evo state-of-the-art equipment provides fast service readiness. Turn on a cold Evo and get to cooking temperature in just minutes. Since an Evo is so easy to clean, it's unlikely the user before left you with a mess to deal with. You're oiled and ready to go!

Short prep time means less man-hours needed and thus better on-time performance. Plus Evo allows quicker response times with special, last minute, and unexpected requests.

Extensive Cooking Versatility with Single Appliance

Evo live action stations provide unmatched culinary versatility, with full direct (sear, sauté, grill, etc) and indirect (roast, boil, steam, etc.) cooking techniques at your command. No need to waste valuable capital on single-purpose cooking appliances such as tortilla warmers, woks, crepe makers, etc.

Beyond sustaining constant, consistent heat, Evo cooking stations offer superior heat control to accommodate the most delicate to the most demanding food items, with temperature variations between 175 and 670 degrees F. Oblige whatever meals the client desires. Evo can handle the menu.

Significant Food Volume

Evo's commercial burner system ensures you have the power necessary to control the job (e.g. 48,000 BTUs for the Professional model). High heat for heavy food volume, in addition to quick recovery for wave after wave of cold product. With Evo, showmanship also comes with operational efficiency.

The circular flattop efficiently conducts the heat edge to edge, providing full use of the over 700 square inches of the 30" cooking surface for quickly serving large numbers of guests. Testimony: a chef for Outback Steakhouse in Oregon, catering a large dinner event, cooked 450 filets on a single Evo Professional Tabletop model.

Keep the Team Together

Typical catering and dining functions involve chefs in the back, runners in the middle, and servers dishing from warming trays. Evo live action cooking stations eliminate inefficiencies in labor since the food, equipment, and seasoned personnel are now working together on the "front line".

Your career choice to be in foodservice sprung from your desire to please others. Working front-of-house on an Evo allows you to interact with the guest and experience your diners' satisfaction first-hand. Gets you pumped!

Simultaneous Use

Evo's versatility also involves controllable dual cooking zones to accommodate multiple foods cooked to order simultaneously. Bacon, eggs, muffin, hash browns - Evo! Steak, asparagus, red potatoes, Texas toast - Evo!

Evo cooktops have a large surface area and independent heat zones which allows Operations to multi-task. One chef can be preparing an individual meal to order while another is prepping product for an upcoming service application.

Utilize Evo All Day Long

A great benefit of Evo cooking appliances is that you can deploy them all day long. They perform superbly for any meal - breakfast, lunch and dinner. Even handle applications in between. Allows your team to get into a rhythm!

Evo's extended utilization means lower allocated costs per meal item and/or service period. That raises margins and opens more sales opportunities. Evo's productivity is a lot easier to justify than a rotisserie for example which costs four times as much, for roasting chickens for a 4-7pm customer window and which then sell at the same price as the uncooked product in the meat case.

Covet the Clean-up Crew

Evo clean-up is fast, easy, and thorough. You'll be done and ready to go home while others are still stacking chairs! Transport and put away of portable Evo models can even be handled by one person.

The Evo flattop cleans best when warm, so the chef can begin scraping the cook surface before the last portion is even served. You can carefully wipe down the stainless steel surfaces while the cooktop cools down. Clean-up can be done without the need for running water.

Reduce Sanitation Projects

Cleaning open grate grills and char broilers is time-consuming, assuming you try to extract the dead foods and wipe up the grease that fell below. With Evo you can be assured you remove all materials that can spoil and create bacteria problems later.

All Evo commercial appliances are NSF certified. This means each model was carefully designed to avoid the problems of food getting into places it cannot easily be removed.

Consider Evo for Back-Of-House!

A product this versatile and productive can be just as worthwhile in the back kitchen as it is front of house. Imagine a multi-tasking Evo appliance as searing station, central griddle, warming flattop, etc.

If size of location or budget is your issue, an Evo built-in flattop can be your solution.

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