Evo is doing for the foodservice market what luxury cars did for the automobile industry - add eye-catching style to high performance with top value. This winning combination is just what you need in today's highly competitive market to set your firm apart from the rest of the crowd. We hope the ideas that follow will prompt even more new and successful ways to call attention to your more-desirable dining offerings.

Personally Promote Fresh and Hot

The greatest marketing advantage of Evo action stations is having culinary professionals engaging the diners - an excellent opportunity to explain the food offerings and extol the virtues of your fresh prepared items. There is a lot of "fresh" signage plastering food businesses nowadays, the effect is getting diminished. So appeal to the auditory learners.

Begin a campaign to instruct and encourage your front-of-house staff to converse with your dining guests to explain the personal options provided and annotate the benefits they will receive thru your Evo foodservice offering. Even a simple, excited "this is hot!" as you dish from the Evo to their plate will speak volumes about freshness.

Make Your Chef Tops!

People like to know when they are working with a professional - gives them a stronger sense of comfort, and provides the opportunity for them to learn more thru interaction. Evo presentation cooking helps put the culinary master "on stage" so take advantage of it.

Develop ways to announce the strength of your culinary team. Unveil the knowledge. Use Evo display equipment to create an inviting action station for the chef to engage the diners. Show the passion!

Sell the Sizzle

Live action stations can create a festive environment throughout the event with chefs capturing the crowd's attention as they prepare dishes with flair - from unique hot appetizers to flambés for dessert. Evo presentation cooking transforms dining into an affair in itself so market it accordingly.

Presentation cooking resonates with a growing Food Network audience. Exhibition on an Evo can offer an experience beyond eating and into a performance - which has more value than just the meal.

Go Buff with the Buffet

Clients should no longer have to settle for the buffet that looks like an airport runway (long rectangular tables lined with lit fuel-cans and flooded by heat-lamps). Nor should the meal feel like another stop on the "rubber chicken circuit" (reluctantly eating the same bland, overcooked foods in wait for the event to start). Create a memorable dining experience by preparing a variety of foods with Evo equipment that are served fresh, hot and with truer taste. They won't be checking their watch anxious for somebody to take the microphone!

You can enhance the social aspects beyond the table seating with diners engaged around the contemporary design of an Evo cooking station. Create a party atmosphere similar to friends gathered in their backyard or home kitchen. Even provide the warm sensation of snatching a taste out of their Mother's pot by providing a dish they can serve themselves right off the cook top. Food at islands and arcs - they'll feel like they're at a fair, not some boring corporate function.

Name It and Claim It

Evo action stations allow you to be different than the many other foodservice purveyors - so give yourself an identity to foster the distinction in the market. For example, the Chase Park Plaza Hotel promotes their "Sizzling Evo Grill on the Terrace" series thru their web site, hotel placards, etc. The series features themes like Bali Night and Clam & Lobster Bake which allows the hotel to showcase a variety of attractive dining events while gaining market recognition thru a strong, collective branding approach.

It always helps to reinforce your brand in the market, especially with your own clients. Evo's high quality stainless steel products provide an excellent opportunity to engrave your name and logo in the presentation cooking equipment. A classy way to catch their eye, and make that association with the fine service they are enjoying.

Prepare a Personal Menu

Private parties should be personal, with the fare fitting the gathering rather than permutations of a pre-printed item list. More menu variety is possible with Evo because of the cooking versatility and ease. You are no longer limited to foods that can survive in a chafing dish. So unleash your chefs to be creative and accommodate the client's favorite dishes - and the engagement is yours. Your support will later create invaluable word of mouth advertising, and thereby secure other jobs.

Evo accommodates personal tastes - from portion control to spicing preferences to degree of cooking, the diner can select what pleases them. Seconds of attention while the diner is at the Evo station leads to long lasting, favorable impressions. Offer this option to your client prospects, and they will end up selling their friends and associates on you.


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