Healthy Eating

Better Food Choices

Evo's cooking versatility and controllable temperatures make it easy to add more choices like fresh vegetables and herbs and prepare a whole meal at once. Plus easy cleanup makes the overall experience a real pleasure and a healthier alternative to prepackaged foods.

Evo's allows you to cook foods using various cooking techniques. Braise, grill, roast, steam and smoke directly on the surface or use your favorite pots and pans to create flavorful meals that you and even your kids will enjoy using only one appliance.

Better Lifestyle

Eating better is a big part of feeling better. And feeling better is essential to living a better life. Evo makes it easy to cook at a less harried pace. Instead of meal preparation being a singular chore, make it a social interaction. Reduce stress thru Evo conviviality!

Evo is the leader in display cooking equipment for commercial foodservice as our unique circular flattop allows diners to be connected with foods being prepared - the same feeling is true at home. Fresh prepared foods are healthier because they retain more of the natural nutrients.

Better Taste

Flattop cooking is better than open flame cooking because it avoids charring the food which changes the taste and properties. More information is being written about the potential ill effects of charred foods. With Evo you maintain temperature control, allowing you to avoid the high temperatures that the National Cancer Institute says may be harmful.

Open flame cooking allows food pieces and juices (with nutrients) to fall on the burners below to become fuel for the flame that leaps up and burns foods, plus it smolders below to rise up as smoke to taint the food. Cooking with Evo allows you to retain the nutrient rich juices and enjoy more of the natural goodness of food. With Evo, food tastes the way it was meant to taste.

Vegan or just Vegetable Lover

Evo is non-judgmental about food. Everyone has different tastes and philosophies so we support your right to choose which path feels best for you. Regardless of whether you are a vegan or someone who just loves vegetables, Evo is the best appliance for preparing the wonderful variety of fresh produce!

Early on Evo was dubbed a "Vegetarian's Delight" by Organic Style magazine. We also support the Culinary Vegetable Institute's grade school educational program which reveals to kids the true tastes of heirloom vegetables. Evo offers all people who seek a better way to cook vegetables find a fun, easy and tasty food experience.

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