Major changes are occurring in foodservice venues in step with new expectations from diners in regards to their lifestyles, environmental stand, economics, etc. The movement to sustainability, green, connection to foods thru display cooking, action stations offering true freshness, etc is growing wider and stronger. Evo is a trend leader providing cooking products designed to entertain, enlighten and add value to a wide variety of foodservice concepts. As you design your service approaches, consider the positive impact Evo can bring to diner satisfaction and corporate success.

Open / Display Kitchen

Open kitchens are popular with guests for several reasons, and Evo is satisfying their desires:

  1. Diners like a certain level of action and entertainment - Evo's cooking versatility allows for varied cooking techniques producing a wide menu of items for an ever-changing show. No other production equipment is as entertaining as Evo.
  2. Guests like to experience their meal even before the plate is set before them. Evo connects the diner like no other appliance with a full sensory awareness - sight, sounds, aromas, on top of the food taste.
  3. Food away from home is about an adventure - Evo's iconic style with a presentation cooking focus offers both a design and culinary experience. Evo provides new and different within a familiar and comfortable place.

Evo has the strongest appeal of display cooking equipment because it is so easily adaptable to distinct vignettes.

Service Line Action Station

Nowadays there is just no more excuse for not cooking fresh, whether inside in a dining hall / cafe or outside at a catered affair. Designers are incorporating Evo live action stations to allow chefs to prepare foods "a la minute". It is easy to convert the spot once reserved for steam tables and chafing dish lineups with the compact but highly efficient Evo cooktop - whether built-in or portable model.

Evo allows for individual interaction between the culinary professional and the paying guest, thus transforming an experience from feeling like a prison chow line to more like an at home gathering with a personal chef.

Putting the Cart before the House

Fixed dining layouts can render some events mundane - same look, same flow, same foods. Evo produces models that allow you to be more mobile and thus add inviting variations to your food service. Beyond the cart models Evo offers is a wide open array of custom designed portable stations utilizing Evo built-in cooktops. Whether it's a classy cart made of expensive woods, a sleek table made of high tech materials, or a shiny stainless steel stand, the opportunities abound when the cooking comes on wheels.

Evo provides the same productivity as an anchored kitchen set-up, yet frees the event planner to adopt new ideas and adapt to changing circumstances. A breakfast entrée station relieving the main service line. A pushcart for poolside lunches. A hot hors d'oeuvres stand paired with the select wine bar. Creative designers can offer wonderment along with a significant ROI using Evo.

At-Table Cooking

Table-side service creates a memorable impression, whether doing something simple as a grilled Caesar salad or as flamboyant as a flambe. Evo allows you to bring back this classic presentation. Your guest will be pleased with all the personal attention to them, and the other diners will be desiring the experience for themselves.

Even more new possibilities come to mind using Evo's clean and safe cooktops with closed power systems. Build the Evo into the middle of a table and let the diners make their own fun, from kids flipping pancakes to late night couples creating appetizers. You don't even have to outfit the whole restaurant concept this way - develop a special booth or two and create a sense of uniqueness that people will crave (and consequently rave about). Let Evo's versatility unleash your concept design creativity!

Appease Avocations

Evo provides food service operations with the opportunity to satisfy the personal needs of more diners with a small incremental investment in equipment. Because Evo cooktops are so versatile, they can be dedicated to a food lifestyle such as no pork, no beef, no meat or dairy, etc.

More meal usage times and a greater variety of foods can be prepared on Evo thus lowering the equipment cost per item. Most other limited use kitchen equipment makes this practice uneconomical. So design in some dedicated Evo stations for Kosher, Vegan, Halal or other diners concentrated in your market and increase the customer service rating, not to mention revenue volume.

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