Client/Guest Impact

The objective is to always please the dining guest. It is ultimately their vote that sways the direction taken between repeat engagements or lost business. At times, the event host adds an additional layer of requirements. But the goal remains the same – to satisfy the diners. Evo cooking equipment has many advantages to help you increase the sucess rate of your events. The more you can use our cooktops to serve your clients and guests, the less they will seek solutions and satisfaction elsewhere.

Stimulating Seven Senses

Evo display cooking of fresh prepared food allows the diner to experience the full range of sensory delight unlike any other application. All five of the traditional senses come into play: the sights of a colorful array of ingredients, the aromas of various spices, the sounds of morsels chattering on the cooktop, the tastes of foods prepared by their best cooking technique, and the touch of new textures to the palate.

Other sensory perceptions come into play as well thru Evo cooking. Thermoception comes alive as diners savor the rarity of food that is actually served hot. These experiences will alter the sense of time, elongating the event as one's mind records every memorable moment. Their heart smiles. Their brain applauds. Take a bow!


We eat to survive, but we live in order to eat well! Social dining has been a desired function since the dawn of humans, and Evo helps root us to our heritage. The connection to food goes beyond nourishment. It is the association with the person(s) who provides the meal and thereby facilitates the congregation that we cherish. Gather people around the Evo circular flattop and celebrate dining.

People enjoy watching masters ply their craft. Whether it's enjoying something they cannot do, or appreciating something another can do better, cooking is a desired exhibition. Be out in front with an Evo cooktop. Bring back the show that decades of dining out has lost for people.

Provide Personal Choices

People have been programmed that the product of "fast" and "cheaper" anything is sameness. But a new movement is afoot, to a less harried lifestyle and more value in one's purchases. With Evo cooking, diners do not have to make individual sacrifices to fit the assembly line. They will return often for the Evo dining experience!

Evo makes personalization easier; it is done on the spot, quickly, and with easy direct communication between guest and chef. Diners are allowed choices: cooking time ("may I have that more well-done"), ingredients ("no onions please"), spices ("yes, cumin!), condiments ("less sauce"), portion size ("just a little of those"). Thank you, you just served me.


Evo cooktops uniquely provide a great taste experience - fresh-prepared foods served right to a diner's plate in hand. There is no better connection as people see the quality of fresh ingredients, watch the transformation thru cooking, smell the aromas, and immediately enjoy the goodness of hot food.

Food has a life cycle. Once cooked, food has 5-8 minutes to get to the diner's plate before it becomes dry, discolored, tasteless, and void of optimal nutrient content. When using chafing or steaming dishes to deliver food, keeping food fresh becomes a challenge. Lots of food outfits taut "fresh" food - the question is: when was it actually fresh? With Evo presentation cooking, your diners have no doubt that their meal was newly prepared.

Raise the Value

There are many new and exciting feats you can do with Evo live-action cooking stations. Create different event themes around a wider array of foods and perform with panache! Offering something new and better increases your worth in the eyes of a client. The rewards are winning their assignment, and likely a better fee.

Another opportunity is to take the productivity gains Evo accords and affect better pricing which allows you to surpass the competition. Coupled with the intrinsic benefits of Evo presentation cooking, you offer guests value that ensures repeat business and a growing base. More begats more!

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