About Us

Evo was founded by innovative food people with a passion for cooking and entertaining. As a cooking appliance manufacturer, it’s our love of connecting people around food that guides everything we do.  Since 2001, we have built a full line of exceptionally energy-efficient gas and electric circular cooktops for both indoor and outdoor use.  In addition, our circular cooktops are used in the commercial market and purchased for residential use as well.  The Evo circular cooking appliances, all designed to create a social cooking experience, are made in the U.S.A.

Evo grills are the leading live-action display cooking equipment in the world and built to last a lifetime. Our commercial cooktops are used by foodservice professionals and top chefs as a versatile cooking platform.  It allows you to make meal preparation more theatrical and entertaining.

The company recently introduced an electric cooktop with a ductless downdraft ventilation feature.  This new product provides full containment of smoke, grease and cooking odors.  The filtration system is fully welded stainless steel and uses a washable grease pre-filter, a washable primary filter and a final stage replaceable charcoal filter.  Designed for “front of house” installations, this innovative cooktop allows restaurants to cook and prepare meals without the restrictions imposed by externally vented hoods and duct work.  We are very proud that the Evo EVent® was awarded the 2015 Kitchen Innovation Award by the National Restaurant Association and Best New Product in Kitchen Design by HX: The Hotel Experience.  Additionally, Evo, Inc. was honored with the Product Innovations Award at the 2015 Oregon Manufacturing Awards Ceremony hosted by the Portland Business Journal.

We look forward to helping you design your open kitchen and to hear your cooking success stories!

Wishing you cooking success,

Scott Heim

Evo, Inc.’s Board of Directors and Executive Management

Seated L to R:
Rob Townsend, Chairman
Lowell Morse, Board Member
Steve Hunt, Board Member

Standing L to R:
Scott Heim, President & CEO
Bob Shingler, Founder & CIO
John Scadden, CFO